Hello There!

The Quarter Life Calamity

Brittany’s Rant

Well here we are…rock bottom.  Let the meltdown begin!  We’re a couple of under-positioned college grads who thought we were doing everything right until life went naturally wrong.

Obviously at this point, the only thing for a couple of lowly, twenty-something gals to do is blog about our shortcomings.  As the pathetic and conceited western Millennials that we are, we want to share our thoughts, likes and dislikes, failures and everything else in-between with the world.  We want to be known.  We want to be relevant.  But who could blame us?  We were raised in an egocentric society where bulimics with boob jobs are every little girls aspiration, and people wear glasses simply for the aesthetics (are you kidding me?!).  Let me start off by saying, I wouldn’t touch glasses with a ten foot pole had I not been tainted with eyes so terrible that if Helen Keller…

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