5 Brands That Really Shouldn’t Have

Some are obvious disasters, others are my opinions of ads that don’t make much sense.  Brands and their ad agencies really strive to be creative and bold.  Most times it works, other times it’s just cringe worthy.  I appreciate their efforts, and they make for good conversations, but these ads aren’t the reason I purchase these brands.  Also, these are “modern day” ads.  Ads from “back in the day” are definitely conversation for a different blog post.

These are my opinion of the Top 5 Flops:

    • Kenneth Cole: So he sent out a pretty insensitive tweet.  This isn’t the only time either.  He must’ve gotten his brand image confused with Ricky Gervais’s?Kenneth Cole tweet
    • Dr. Pepper 10: Uh, I’m sorry, is it 1950?  Has our country’s social evolution over the past 60 years meant nothing to this brand?  I get that they’re targeting men, but don’t blatantly shut out over 50% of the population.  Do you see Tyler Perry advertising that his movies are “not for white guys?”  Nice try, but there are other ways to be bold.dr pepper 10
    • Chanel:  Okay I get it, a beautiful guy, talking some deep gibberish in black and white, getting us women all hot and bothered to wear…perfume? Okay, you got me, I don’t get it.  I really, really don’t get it at all.  I think someone over at Chanel wanted a chance to meet Brad Pitt and said “HEY GUYS! Let’s throw him in our next ad!”
    • Orangina:  These are a couple of print ads for the French campaign.  I’m not sure how the animal-ish figures relate to the brand, or even the tagline for that matter.  I don’t know about you, but this isn’t making me thirsty.  It is, however making me concerned that those into bestiality are getting a bit aroused…Orangina French
    • Dodge: Well guess whose wife won’t agree to buying a Charger because she has 50% of the say on big ticket items and didn’t like the ad? Yours, probably.  I am a sucker for some Michael C. Hall, but let’s not act like a shiny car is a mans reward for being married.  This actually makes men look weak and childish: “Yay, mommy — AHH — I mean wifey.  I did everything I’m supposed to, can I have my toy now?”  Men should probably be more insulted than women.

Really though.  As multi-million/billion dollar companies, you’d think they would know better.  Well, at least they got us talking.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Of course there are tons more that I will probably post in the future, but these seem like a good start.  Also, take a look at these other 2012 brand fails and 2013 brand fails from Adweek.  They’re hilarious and epic!  What are some ads you found to be terrible? I want to know!


Chipotle: Can’t Wait to See What’s Next!

I know this is a little delayed, but since this blog is new, I have to incorporate my support and awe for one of the greatest promotional videos by a big-name brand.  I am a huge fan of Chipotle.  Not only do they pump out quality, but they’re so good at making the competition feel like a bunch of soulless corporate murderers.  Oh, and they get HUGE social recognition in the process.

In September 2013, Chipotle and CAA Marketing pumped out an amazing video titled “The Scarecrow” to promote the new free app-based game.  The video, if you remember, was extremely sad and gave a glimpse into the darkness of processed foods.  While promoting the game, Chipotle also promoted their own values by pulling on viewers’ heart strings.  As an avid animal lover who is supportive of the humane treatment of animals of “corporate” slaughterhouses, the video might’ve had more of an effect on me than a “regular” person.  It tore at me emotionally and gave me a different view of Chipotle as a brand.  I found this bold promotional material was a courageous move for the brand.  It was also long overdue for someone to captivate an audience that has been in the dark.  An audience that never sat down and watched the horrors of how the meat they put into their mouths are injected with steroid and hormones, to say the least.

This isn’t the first time Chipotle has created a video highlighting the horrors of corporate slaughter and the mistreatment of animals.  In 2011, they introduced their bold and creative advertising with a hauntingly beautiful animated video.  In the “Back to the Start” video, farmers aren’t really farmer’s at all.  What once was, no longer is.  Farmers of livestock have become industrialized monsters with no remorse.  Chipotle encourages reform and proves it with this heart-felt video.

In this day and age, society as a whole has become more concerned with how animals are treated, mostly because of evolving media.  Blackfish, another eye-opener, shows us the horrors of keeping animals in captivity and training them for human entertainment.  The new mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has shared his concern for horses pulling carriages in NYC.  These are issues that are rising into the spotlight, and you can bet there are more to come.  CAA Marketing’s Jessie Coulter sat with Adweek and talked about how these videos aren’t the end for the Chipotle brand.  They are planning on producing more videos revolving around the same theme, and will incorporate beautifully haunting versions of recognized songs by distinguished musicians. (Read the full interview here!)

Before this video, Chipotle was just another chain to me.  Now I see them as a company with heart.  This is a brand that I have respect for, and will continue to research their success.  If you don’t think these videos are brilliant then you probably work for McDonald’s.  I for one, can’t wait to see what Chipotle brings us next!